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Our philosophy: Geeks are proud of your geekiness!
WHAT is the Geek Lab?

The GEEK LAB's purpose is to present fun STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) to elementary school students at a time when they can really appreciate it. Get them excited about science and make sure that there is more to follow. Keep them involved. Make it their passion.

Through individual science activity kits , we hope to get (and hold) their attention, to make learning fun and exciting, and to keep the passion growing. And, at the same time, make it fun and interesting for parents and teachers to participate.

We know that teachers and parents are hard pressed to incorporate science into a daily curriculum and that budgets are stretched so thin. We have tried to produce these inexpensive and simple (yet thorough) science activities to address these problems.

INSPIRATION for The Geek Lab comes from Things Of Science, a science activity kit program available from the 1940's to the 1980's. Some of you may remember the little blue boxes and brown envelopes that brought science onto the kitchen table once a month. More info HERE.

WHO is the Geek Lab?

The Geek Lab was created by Terry Staler, the self-proclaimed KING OF THE GEEKS. He has a degree in engineering, and for the past 32 years has been deeply involved in the field of solar energy. He is president of Specialty Concepts Inc., a solar electronics design and manufacturing firm and the parent company of The Geek Lab. He was recently Director of the Family Science Night program for a local Science Center, only leaving this position with the arrival of his first child....who will have a great whopping opportunity to learn about science!

WHAT we offer.

ACTIVITY KITS: Inexpensive individual activity kits present a simple STEM-related activity that kids (and their parents) can use to learn about various STEM principles. These kits are great for use in the classroom, for home schooling, as give-aways at science-based events and just general science fun. VISIT our store to purchase activity kits.

SCIENCE EVENT KITS (coming soon): Perfect for a Family Science Night type of event, these kits are available for purchase, for rent, or for no-cost loan (for Title 1 schools), these kits allow a school to pick and choose the type of science activities to present. We offer numerous kits, each designed to allow 4 to 8 students to participate at once. A mix of different kits can provide several hundred students (and their parents) with an awe-inspiring and exciting event.

CLASSROOM SCIENCE DEMOS (coming soon): Large-scale science equipment that can be used to demonstrate science principles. These include Eddy Current demonstrations, water vortex machines, pendulums, and "Gaussian cannon" momentum exhibits. Each demo breaks down into a small container and is easy to transport and set up.

WHY are we doing this (and at such low cost)?

Because......wouldn't it be cool if......your child was the commander of the first mission to Mars...or discovered the cure for cancer...or solved the energy crisis?

Not only cool, but quite possible. We can help create a passion for science that can blossom into a full-fledged career that could lead to...who knows? By creating fun and safe science activities, we can help ignite the flame that might lead to a burning desire to learn.

This is why we do it....and because I want my new son to have an opportunity to be the first person to set foot on MARS!


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